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Cardio Equipment

A wide breadth of Life Fitness cardio equipment gives a facility the freedom to choose fitness equipment that fits its needs. It also provides any exerciser—regardless of age, ability or fitness level—with the choice to find a cardio workout that works best for them.


The premium Elevation Series combines superior biomechanics, thoughtful and inviting design, and a high level of connection for both the facility and exerciser. The result is a truly memorable experience for the user that sets a facility apart.

The Elevation Series includes treadmills, cross-trainers, the PowerMill Climber, the FlexStrider Variable-Stride Trainer and Lifecycle upright and recumbent bikes.

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Workhorse cardio equipment reimagined with functional and aesthetic design improvements.

The wide range of Integrity Series products includes the PowerMill Climber, treadmills, cross-trainers, Lifecycle Recumbent and Upright Bikes, stairclimbers and summit trainers. Each has console choices that are tailored to suit your facility and exercisers.

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The streamlined, easy-to-use console design is perfect for both exercise rookies and workout regulars. Activate Series treadmills, cross-trainers, recumbent bikes and upright bikes are sleek, reliable and an asset to any facility.

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The GX Series offers two effective group cardio options: Row GX and UpperCycle GX ergometer.

Row GX Trainer employs adjustable Fluid Technology Resistance for a total-body workout perfect for group training or as a complement to a SYNRGY360 or HD Elite system.

UpperCycle GX Ergometer adds variety to group training and HIIT with a full upper-body, ground-based solution.

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Lose fat. Build muscle. Gain strength. Increase metabolism. Improve power. SPARC does it all, more safely, because it's biomechanically refined – providing exceptional results with low impact. SPARC’s intuitive "get on and go" design invites all users to simply choose incline and intensity levels, then reach their fitness goals in record time.

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